Free & Unlimited Gaming Servers




Are you concerned about the high cost for renting a server? OwnServer offers free gaming servers!


OwnServer allows you to scale your server to any size you want. You can install any mod and serve unlimited number of users!


You can get gaming servers with simple operations, without the need for knowledge or skills in configuring firewalls, port forwarding, global IP addresses, etc.

Ready to Go

You can get gaming servers in a minute! Guest users can play on your server in the same way they would on a public cloud.


  1. Download the OwnServer Client

  2. Download server programs for each game

  3. Start the OwnServer Client

  4. Invite your friends to your own server!

Supported Games

Minecraft Java Edition
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Minecraft Bedrock Edition
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More games will be supported!
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Release Notes

How it works

How OwnServer works

The actual game server is located on your computer. When you start the OwnServer Client, a dedicated secure tunnel is created between the OwnServer and your computer. A public address is issued exclusively for your server. When your friends join the game, OwnServer will forward the traffic between the public address and your computer. You do not need a global IP address, firewall, DDNS, port forwarding, or any other configuration to play games!


If you have any feedback, bug reports, feature requests, etc., please send us a message using the link below. We're waiting for your feedback!

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Getting Involved in Development

Some source code of OwnServer is available on GitHub. Feel free to open Issues and Pull Requests.

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